The Life Benefits Of Oxygen And Massage Therapy

What Exactly Is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is not a new technology, however, it has been used to help in enhancing your face, as well as cleaning it up and providing it with the oxygen it craves.

Where it is not a new technology, the advancements in the specific system has made it more effective in transferring oxygen into the skin.

The light treatment begins with a light which passes through a machine which resembles a stick. The device is moved across you face in a circular manner.

What this does is smooths out and calms your face, decreasing the inflammation on your skin, starting the healing process.

After the light treatment, the oxygen therapy continues with the serum treatment, the most important part of the entire therapy.

The reason why it is the most important is that it is using specific minerals, vitamins and substances such as hyaluronic acid, as well as antioxidants, in order to tighten your skin.

On top of this it is also allowing your skin to breath properly, soaking in the oxygen and leaving your skin in a position where it is far more radiant, while also decreasing the amount of wrinkles on our face.

Aurora Spa recommends this form of therapy to people of all ages as it helps you ensure that your skin is working in the best way possible.

The final step of the process is the massaging of the face in order to get lotions and creams into the skin, closing it so that the oxygen therapy treatment is able to last a much longer time.

On top of this, these creams have added oxygen into them. as to ensure the skin is supple, clean and is able to look and feel rejuvenated.

Where this massage treatment is for your face exclusively, it often allows you to feel much lighter, more open and far brighter.

Aurora Spa recommends this treatment as it has been known to boost morale and energy in some clients. Above this, it makes you look and feel better.

The Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy

The oxygen therapy machine facial is a great device when you are looking to add more youthfulness to your face, using oxygen in order to do so.

While it may put oxygen into your face, including the use of the creams infused with oxygen, what exactly makes this oxygen therapy so beneficial?

There are 10 benefits to doing oxygen therapy for your face.

Increases Collagen

The oxygen therapy machine facial is perfect for improving the amount of collagen in your face.

Collagen is found naturally in the body and is a protein in charge of ensuring that your skin and bones remain strong and healthy.

By increasing the amount of collagen in your skin and on your face, you are ensuring that your face is not only tighter and more youthful but that it is also healthier.

Oxygen therapy allows for the promotion of collagen naturally, without the need of collagen supplements.

However, if you feel that you may need these supplements, feel free to contact your doctor in order to have a check-up on your overall condition.

Removes Toxic Materials

The therapy itself, including the serum treatment, is great for removing the toxic materials on and in your skin.

This is a major benefit of oxygen therapy as normal skincare face washes may be able to remove the dirt on the surface, and of a few layers of the skin, however, this therapy is able to completely remove all of the toxic materials.

This is a great booster of the natural radiance of your skin, helping you to show off the true beauty of your face, without the excess oils on the surface.

Be sure to contact Aurora Wellness Spa for more information on the treatment.

Speeds Up Cell Recovery

Cell recovery is the process of ensuring that the cells in your skin are continuously regenerating and allowing your skin to stay bright, healthy and toned.

Oxygen therapy machine facials are able to start and speed up  the process of your cells of recovering where some may be dormant.

This is why your skin feels and looks better, and also why oxygen therapy is a treatment which lasts a lot longer than other forms of treatments.

Making your cells recover will also help you if there are any scratches or marks on the skin, as it will begin to heal you, rather than it sitting on you forever.

No Harmful Side Effects

Some treatments have the possibility of having severe side effects where people take the risk in order to secure some form of beauty knowing the potential outcome.

With oxygen therapy machine facials, there are no harmful side effects on the body or to the skin.

The benefit of this is that you know that you are going into the treatment without any harm going to you.

You may find that your face is sensitive and might be red, as the blood is flowing in your face, with a recommendation of not touching your skin for a few hours, however other than this there is no pain, such as stinging or a reaction, of any kind.


The entire treatment is designed to rejuvenate your face, not only for the short term but also for the future.

Of course, having treatments regularly will help to boost your skin much more, however, one treatment will show you exactly what your face has been missing.

Aurora Spa believes that by having treatments done, you will feel much more confident about your face as the treatment is not only about tightening and cleansing, it also helps to keep your face moisturised.

The serum treatment helps in ensuring that your skin is being moisturised effectively, with the entire process allowing for your skin to receive the moisture correctly.

Brightens Up The Face

This benefit may seem like something which is not that special but when you take a look at the before and after photos of what you look like you will see why the oxygen therapy is so successful.

A bright face is not only a confidence booster for yourself, but it actually is quite noticeable to people around you.

A bright and clear face never goes unnoticed and the benefit of the brightness is that it is actually an indicator of the fact that your skin is healthier.

Aurora Wellness Spa is dedicated to improving the health of your skin, the look is simply a benefit.

Improves Acne

Acne is a big problem for people not only in their teen years but also in their adulthood as it is something which has not been addressed.

Oxygen therapy machine facial will address this issue and will actually improve your skin acne, with some cases being that acne is completely eliminated overall.

For people who have been struggling for years with acne issues, this comes as a huge opportunity to relieve the pain and also the embarrassment of having facial acne.

All of the benefits listed above all come together in order to improve the overall quality of the skin. This is why acne begins to fade and after a few sessions, most if not all of the acne can disappear.

Quick Recovery

As stated above tenderness and a bit of red skin is all that will really be felt on the skin after the oxygen therapy.

Aurora Spa is a highly skilled and qualified wellness clinic who is focused on giving long-lasting results with quick recovery time

Some procedures will take a longer time to recover than others, however, the oxygen therapy machine facial is a procedure which has no harmful side effects and your face will be able to recover in a short amount of time.

This allows you to have the treatment, and then go about your day normally, no medication is required and you will not have to take a day off of work.

In fact you may even be able to have the treatment done during your lunch break.

Notice A Difference Immediately

As mentioned above the quick recovery time and the results of the treatment is not only a huge benefit to your skin, but you will be able to see a difference in your skin immediately after everything is done.

This is because your oxygen therapy session is made to infuse the right amount of oxygen and minerals into your skin.

This is what  Aurora Spa loves, the fact that their client is able to see the results as soon as possible.

This line of work is about helping people in areas where they may be lost on how to improve their overall appeal and health.

Improves Skin Tone

Whether you have a problem with your skin tone or not, or maybe you think you don’t, the treatment will show you what your natural skin tone actually is.

Whether you have blotchiness or not on your skin, the oxygen therapy will help to clear your skin and promote the natural tone of your skin in a short amount of time.

Those who may have blotchiness or skin tone problems will benefit greatly from this treatment.

It is recommended that you see a doctor if there is any irritation to begin with to ensure that the procedure is right for you.

How Massage Therapy Can Help You

Aurora Spa also offers a high-quality massage capsule treatment which is designed in order to give you the best massage experience and results you ever had.

Massage therapy, in general, is something which has a lot of benefits and is able to help you a lot with problems you may have.

These problems can be physical but also in terms of mental issues which may be caused by physical strain.

Massage capsules offer a full-body experience and are effective in getting into those hard to reach areas which may be the source of the cause of your issues.

Besides ensuring that muscles are supple, or getting them to a supple point, massage has a lot of benefits which people may not think about when going in to receive one.

A major concern with people in life, especially people who are working in high-intensity jobs is anxiety.

A massage therapy session has been known to effectively and completely remove all anxiety from a person where anxiety had been in their lives for so long.

Another issue is stress, which is also alleviated by a massage session, where the entire process and treatment has actually allowed people to feel calm and relaxed, something they haven’t felt for months or even years.

Massage capsules ensure that people are getting the entire experience with the best results and all at a good price.

A major issue for people is soft tissue damage and another issue which massaging is able to fix. In some cases it may be painful, however, then results after the treatment will show you why it was needed.

Athletes suffer from both soft and deep tissue injuries and this procedure is able to help them through this process and gets them back playing their sport while feeling better than before.

Many people suffer from high blood pressure and a massage capsule session from Aurora Spa will help them to decrease their blood pressure simply because there is less pressure on them.

The decrease in both stress and anxiety also helps in lowering high blood pressure.

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