Lamelle Clarity

Lamelle treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris with a combination of Clarity – applied to the skin – and Acnevelle – an oral supplement that works from within.
Using Clarity and Acnevelle together improves acne inflammatory Prevention by up to 88%.
Apart from the dual approach of treating acne topically and internally, Lamelle has included a retinoic acid ester in the Clarity range of products. This innovation has revolutionised the treatment of acne in South Africa.
Conventional treatments use retinol – a volatile ingredient that can inadvertently leave skin dry, itchy and inflamed. Retinol can even cause unwanted rashes. Conversely, the retinoic acid ester used in Clarity achieves levels of increased skin cell turnover that rivals that of a medical prescription-strength vitamin A, but with minimal side effects. Your skin might feel slightly dryer when you first start using the range, but there will be no rash, redness or irritation with this specialised form of vitamin A. This is what makes Clarity safe enough to use on sensitive, younger skins with mild to moderate acne.
When treating acne with any beauty or medical ingredients, there are four fundamental objectives that must be met to help ensure the success of the treatment:
• Increasing cell turnover and differentiation (desquamation)
• Decreasing the amount of sebum and oiliness on the skin
• Lowering the bacterial load of the skin and boosting the skin’s immune function
• Actively treating the inflammation, redness and irritation that the acne causes in the skin
The combination of Clarity and Acnevelle confidently and effectively helps you achieve all of these objectives.
More than that, Clarity also helps resolve additional acne-related challenges by:
• Rebuilding the epidermal structure and reversing any damage that was caused by excessive cleansing
• Reducing pigmented areas
• Managing scarring after pimples (papules and pustules) have healed
The comprehensive solution of using Clarity and Acnevelle together works safely and effectively on teenage acne as well as adult and adult-onset acne.

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