The Lamelle Dermaheal anti-ageing product range is the most powerful, comprehensive solution for preventing and managing the chronic processes of ageing – especially the type of ageing that is caused and aggravated by sun exposure (photo-ageing).
Dermaheal anti-ageing product features a combination of cutting-edge ingredients that reinvigorates ageing skin cells, lowers the number of enzymes that progressively break down the structure of the skin, and disables the chronic inflammation that is associated with ageing tissue. The ingredients are suspended in a creamy base that is itself designed to nourish the skin and repair those dry-skin conditions that we normally associate with ageing.
Dermaheal Anti-ageing Product Range is designed to address three focus areas of ageing skin.
1. Dermaheal activates cells that have become dormant/stagnant with age and sun damage. At Lamelle, we use recombinant human growth factors (five skin-specific types) to accelerate skin cell activity.
What are growth factors? Growth factors are molecules that occur naturally in your body. They are comprised of specialised amino acids that combine to form peptides, and every cell in your body has the ability to produce/manufacture them, because growth factors are what cells use to communicate with each other.
Growth factors are messages.
Through bio-engineering, we are able to manufacture exact copies of the growth factors we will need to activate your skin cells. This is done in a natural and non-harmful way that doesn’t cause any irritation. At Lamelle, we carefully select those growth factors that are best for stimulating your skin cells and, importantly, we chose only those that do not cause any inflammation. In fact, one of the most prominent growth factors we use is a super collagen stimulation growth factor that actively turns off inflammation in your skin.
Introduced to your skin, growth factors will stimulate your skin cells to produce more healthy cells. They also encourage specific types of skin cells to manufacture more of the unique “skin structures” that each cell needs to maintain healthy skin function. So, the keratinocytes in the top layer of your skin will start making more hyaluronic acid and better lipids to strengthen the lipid bilayer, as well as more skin-immunity-building ingredients. Fibroblasts, in the bottom layer of your skin, are stimulated to produce more collagen, healthy elastin, nerve systems, vascular systems and all the other elements that make up the structure of a good, healthy, plump and strong dermis.
2. Secondly, we need to deactivate chronic inflammation in ageing skin. In the course of studying ageing in the human body, we’ve discovered that all tissues can become chronically inflamed. It is thought that this chronic inflammation might be the cause of ageing in humans because it results in damage to the tissue and surrounding structures. While inflammation can be a good thing, when it is acute and needed to advance wound healing over a short period, the chronic, ongoing type of inflammation that’s associated with ageing is devastating to your overall skin health.
If for instance, you fall off your bicycle and hurt your knee, the redness and inflammation (acute) is the first step in the skin’s natural healing process. Your body is built to control this type of inflammation, able to turn it off once all the debris has been cleared from the site of the injury and the body is ready to begin healing the wound. But, when the body doesn’t turn off the inflammation and it’s allowed to persist (chronic), it has the opposite effect – it causes, in some cases, more damage to the body than the initial injury ever would have.
The same is true at the molecular level in your skin. That’s why deactivating chronic inflammation processes – without impacting the normal function of vital wound-healing acute inflammation – has become a core focus for us. In the Dermaheal range of products, we employ specialised “messages” (cytokines, also bio-mimicking) that will turn off chronic inflammation. These cytokines are also combined with an ingredient that regulates the expression of genes that stimulate chronic inflammation – without any potential for harm to the skin – for a holistic approach to treating ageing.
3. Lowering the levels of ageing enzymes in the skin is the third core focus of the Dermaheal anti-ageing range of products.
Our skins produce enzymes that are designed to remove damaged tissue so that it can be replaced with healthy new cells and tissue. Unfortunately, though, when we expose our skins to the sun, the concentration of these enzymes drastically increases. And it’s generally very hard to get them down to normal levels again. This dramatic increase in enzymes fuels the continuous breakdown of collagen to such as extent that the skin will then become thin and fragile while losing its elasticity. To stop this process, we have developed two very potent antioxidants that directly inhibit these damaging enzymes, lowering their levels and returning the skin to normal function again.
In the Dermaheal anti-ageing product range, these three focused groups of ingredients combine in delightfully potent creams that are at once luxurious yet able to penetrate deep into the skin to rapidly soothe and restore, while leaving your skin with a soft, dewy consistency. These products will significantly improve the symptoms of ageing in skin, softening lines and wrinkles while enhancing texture and moisture content. Your skin will be more resilient – watch as redness and the effects of environmental irritation improve – and your skin will look brighter and healthier.
This cutting-edge blend of ingredients that’s masterfully formulated to activate ageing skin cells, subdue damaging enzymes and disable ageing chronic inflammation, all suspended in a luxurious skin-nourishing base, is exclusively available in the Lamelle Dermaheal anti-ageing product range.
Main Ingredients
• Recombinant Human Growth Factors
• Pycnogenol(R)
• Astaxanthin
• Nobiletin
• Ceramide-P
• Hydrating carb-lock formula

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