Nourish Range
The Lamelle Nourish line is a revolutionary anti-ageing product range. In Nourish, we have combined revolutionary DNA damage-correcting enzymes with powerful antioxidants to keep the skin youthful.
The word ‘nourish’ means to give your body what it needs to maintain balance. Thus, Nourish was developed to restore and maintain balance where sun exposure and other dangerous elements that subject the skin to free radical damage have disrupted the skin’s normal function. In younger skin, Nourish ensures the maintenance of healthy equilibrium in the skin while inhibiting the ageing process – which really starts at birth. In older skin, Nourish restores balance and actively halts the ageing process, so that correction can take place with other supporting products.
This range employs powerful antioxidants to suppress all free radical activity in the skin, protecting the skin cells, their cell structures and also boosting the skin’s immune function. These dynamic antioxidants are combined with powerful DNA-correcting enzymes that have the unique ability to actively seek out and repair recent DNA damage that has been produced by free radical activity. These key ingredients combine in a pioneering series of products that are ideal for preventing the processes of ageing early on in younger, healthier skins.
This range is formulated to allow you to select those products that are best suited to you and your skin’s needs, so you might not use the full range at any one time.
Main Ingredients
• Astaxanthin
• Pycnogenol
• Photolyase enzyme (T4 endonuclease)
• Alpha-tocopherol
• Hesperidin
• Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

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