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Brighter Serum


NB! A free consultation with our skin specialist will be required for all new clients before purchases will be processed. This is to better understand your skin and ensure you have chosen the most suitable products for your needs.

Skin benefits

– Extremely safe and tolerable skin brightening

– Soothes skin

– Fights inflammation

– Suitable for all skin types

– Protects cells from free-radicals

– Lipid-based serum

Main ingredients

Deca-butin, Ferulic Acid, Turmeric extract, Liquorice extract, Amber colored lipid serum, NO preservatives, colorants or parabens

How to use

– Use twice daily

– After cleansing and drying the skin, apply VERY LITTLE of the serum directly onto your skin with the dropper – it should absorb very quickly.

– A slight warming sensation as it absorbs is normal and will dissipate fast.

– Apply day and night cream products over Brighter Serum.

– Use a broad-spectrum SPF – always recommended with any hyperpigmentation treatment.

Special precautions

– Not recommended for use when pregnant or by children.

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