DNA Skin test


DNA Skin Test
Enhance personlized treatment strategies with DNA profiling.

With the advancement of DNA analysis, and the ease-of-access to high quality laboratories that offer quick turnaround times on DNA analysis, it is now possible to understand the genetic predisposition an individual has towards certain skin and health outcomes.

We advocate actionable interventions for all risk genotypes to improve one’s overall health.

The DNA Skin Test recognises unique genetic internal aging factors that contribute significantly to the skin’s appearance, the status quo. Results are all processed according to our patented MSC Code™ system. This allows you to develop more personalized interventional treatment plans.

The process is easy:
• Collect DNA sample by means of a non-invasive cheek swab, using a cotton bud.
• The DNA sample and completed consent form are delivered to the laboratory for gene variation analysis. The skin report is compiled and sent to you.

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