Intense HA Serum 30ml


This must-have serum re-plumps, re-densifies and intensively hydrates the skin. Perfect for dehydrated and dry skins, in need of additional moisture.


| The combination of low and medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid delivers ‘intelligent hydration’ to not only the surface but to multiple layers of the skin, by intensifying hydration, re-plumping and volumizing.
| Imperata Cylindrica Extract penetrates deeply into the skin and offers 24-hour hydration, providing intense dermal moisture.
| The Advanced Hydration Complex softens the skin and promotes long-term moisture while reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier.
| A combination of Vitamin B3, N-Acetylglucosamine-6-phospahte + Caffeyl Glucoside assists in reducing breakouts, strengthens structurally weak skin and promotes collagen production.

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