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RA 5.0


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Correctives RA 5.0 Serum (30ml dropper bottle, lipid based serum)

Correctives RA 5.0 Serum is a lipid based serum that contains Lamelle’s proprietary retinoic acid analogue. This product was designed to be used in combination with night creams that do not contain retinoids. RA 5.0 serum should only be used once a 3% retinoic acid product (serum or cream) was finished to assess the skins tolerability and also to prepare the skin for nearly double the dose of retinoid.

Main Ingredients
5% Patented Retinoic acid analogue

Instructions for use
Night time use only!
After cleansing and drying skin, apply 2-3 small pea size drops of the serum onto your skin with the dropper.
Massage lightly to spread it over your skin and allow it to penetrate.
Apply a NON-retinoid containing night cream over top of your serum.
It is essential to wash skin in the morning and use as broad spectrum sunscreen

Special precautions:
| Always start with a RA product that contains 3% RA and complete a container to assess your skins tolerability to RA before upgrading the RA 5.0 Serum.
| As retinoids are well known for their sun-sensitising effects, we do advise that you wash off any excess product in the morning. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing an SPF of 30 or more daily.
| Stop use of the product 3 days before and 5 days after resurfacing and other in-office treatments
| Do NOT use during pregnancy
| Tight feeling after the first few nights of application is a normal result and will resolve spontaneously. You might also find that your skin is more heat sensitive in the first few weeks of use.
| If your skin feels very sensitive, phase the product in by using it only every third night for a week, then every second night for a week and only if your skin is tolerating the product go up to every night. (3-2-1 Introdcution)
| Do not use products containing ascorbic acid and retinoic acid in the same application. (Use ascorbic acid in the morning and retinoid in the evening)

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