Advanced Skin & Body Treatments


We offer Medical-Grade skin care treatments targeting various skin concerns. To achieve best results, talk to our skin specialist for a personalized treatment plan with homecare products.

Skin Treatments

Skin Peels & Needling

Optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Peels

25-35% Glycolic Acid Peel 30 min R 550

Improves skin tone & texture. An introductory peel preparing your skin for more advanced procedures. No downtime.

30|30 Peel 45 min R 600

Targets indicators of inflammation, sun damage, pigmentation and collagen synthesis. Provides an instant brightening glow. Best option for upcoming events. No downtime.


Lamelle Medical Skin Peels

Lactifirm 30/10 Peel 30 min R 550

Improves skin texture, brightness and hydration. An introductory peel preparing your skin for more advanced procedures. No downtime.

Beta Peel 15% 30 min R 550
Beta Peel 20% 30 min R 600

Induces peeling of the skin to treat pigmentation irregularities. Some social downtime is expected.

Beta Plus Peel 15% 30 min R 550
Beta Plus Peel 20% 30 min R 600

Induces an antibacterial and balancing effect to treat acne, congestion and oily skins. None or mild downtime is expected.

  Add-on: Dermaheal Growth Factor Sheet Mask +R 140

This mask introduces a boost in collagen production into the skin for calming and improved penetration of active ingredients post treatments


Skin Needling

Micro-needling (collagen induction therapy) 60 min R 1300

Promotes collagen production treating a number of skin problems including wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, etc. Social downtime is expected.

Micro-needling with Chemical Peel 90 min R 1750

Combining chemical peels with microneedling to deliver even better results. For advanced skin clients only.

Nano-needling (add-on: Optiphi peels / facials) 15 min +R 280

Superficial abrasion to increase penetration of active products into the skin.


Facial Massage 15 min +R 100
Neck Peel / Needling 15 min +R 200
Neck & Decollate Peel / Needling 30 min +R 450
Skin Supplement – Essential / Advanced +R 275 / R 375


Optiphi Luxury Indulgent Facials

Customizable luxurious facial treatment delivering visible results.

Radiance Boost (Brightening uneven skin tone) 60 min R 640
Hydrate & Repair (Moisture control) 60 min R 640
Firming Peptides (Anti-aging and firming) 60 min R 640

Lamelle Medical Grade Facials

Relaxing medical grade facial treatment targeting multiple skin concerns.

Hydrating and Calming 45 min R 520
Age Prevent 45 min R 520
Deep Cleanse & Purity 45 min R 520


Dermaheal Growth Factor Sheet Mask 15 min +R 140
Extractions 15 min +R 100

Body Treatments

Body ‘Facial’

Deep Cleansing Purity Back Treatment 45 min R 560

Treating acne and rough skin on the back.

Body Chemical Peels

Glycolic Hand Rejuvenation Peel 30 min R 430
Glycolic Back Rejuvenation Peel 45 min R 630
Beta Hand Brightening Peel 45 min R 650
Beta Hand & Forearm Brightening Peel 60 min R 1100 

Microneedling for Body Stretch Marks

Upper Arm 60 min R 1300
Stomach 60 min R 1300
Thighs 60 min R 1300
Knees 60 min R 1300


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